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KAT-TUN 5-nin activities

Welcome to KT5!
This is a translated media archive community for 5nin KAT-TUN. Please read the rules below before you join.

1. This LJ community is about 5nin KAT-TUN. Do not post entries that are about other artists and do not deal with the KT members.

2. Only post translated 5nin KAT-TUN media starting from GOING! promotions in 2010.

3. This community serves as a translated 5nin KAT-TUN media archive. Post directly to the community. You can still add a link back to your own LJ below the entry!

4. Please only make translated/subbed media related posts here. You can post:
- english subtitled videos (TV shows, DVD, doramas, concerts etc.)
- scanlations/magazine translations
- j-web manual translations
- lyrics (&translations)
- radio translations (& their rips)

5. Credit the original owner or source of the media by adding a source below your entry. If necessary ask for permission from the owner before posting. Don't claim other people's work as your own. Also do not re-share this community's content without our consent.

6. Any bad-mouthing, bashing, provocation etc against any artists or member of this community will not be tolerated!

7. All entries you make should be tagged properly! It’s easy by just clicking the “select tags” button.

8. Use the LJ cut. Entries/Previews shouldn’t be too long or too big-sized outside the LJ cut. Preview size is allowed maximum up to 450 x 350px.

9. Do not post any official and liscenced music material such as CD rips. Support KAT-TUN by buying their products!

10. All entries must be members-locked!

11. Do not re-upload any media releases shared here to any streaming sites such as youtube, dramacrazy etc.

12. If you trespass any of the rules stated above you will get a warning and in a further step you may risk being banned from the community!!!


1) All Babel releases are for personal use only. Do not upload onto any streaming sites (e.g. YouTube, Crunchyroll, Veoh, Dailymotion, Tudou, v.youku, dramacrazy, mysoju, asianrice, megavideo, etc.).

2. Our works are free. They are not for sale, rent or auction.

3. Do not hotlink our uploads. Either provide a link to the community or re-upload the files WITH PASSWORDs and credit as BABEL.

4. Do not make a new entry in the community for distribution in another host. Leave a comment or PM a moderator with the links and they will be added to the post.

5. You may share our works on other KAT-TUN communities but please credit as BABEL.

6. Do not reproduce the file in another language without our explicit permission and proper credits.

All rules are subject to change.
Questions? Contact one of the KT5 mods.

enjoy your stay!

We will make you smile~君のため