[MOD] KAT-TUN5 anniversary~

Hello to all kat_tun5 members~ I hope that you're all enjoying your stay at the community.

Today marks the first anniversary of this community, so we'd like to celebrate this event with everyone.


We will make you smile~君のため

As a part of celebrating this event, and in order to make it as a new start for this community which has been a part of the fandom for a year
now, we've decided on a new concept for this community, and we're here to announce it to our members.

This community is going to be a special place for those seeking translations for any KAT-TUN related media.

  Easy to search!
  Well organized!
   From fan to fan!

Those are simply our biggest concepts and objectives. And here we have 2 new additions to our mod team whom we've entrusted to make those objectives into reality and we know that they're up to the challenge!
~Welcome to kat_tun5~

And of course having a full archive for all translated media is a lot of hard work. That's why we'll be also counting on this community members as well to keep this community constantly updated with any translated media that fits the categories on our rules page (subtitled videos, magazine translations, lyrics translations, radio translations etc).

Not only contain translations from Babel team, but also any translated media from all around the fandom. In order to achieve our bigger goal of making this into the most collective place of any translated/subbed KAT-TUN media.

The transition will take us a few days (probably till the end of this week) but our new rules are valid from the date of this post.

Which means that starting from this point, this community will no longer accept the following:
raw videos, raw magazines scans, raw radio rips if not accompanied with translations, no graphics, no mp3 rips

We will only accept posts that can somehow fit under the scope of TRANSLATIONS.

Search for video trans, magazine trans, scanlations, radio trans, etc, and don't hesitate to be a part of creating this database for all KAT-TUN international fans!

We'll be counting on your contributions and your support!


During this upcoming week we will gradually prepare the community for the transition and gradually add the Master Posts for each category. So please be patient.

At last I'd like to express my gratitude to my fellow co-founders of kat_tun5! It's been a great and very fruitful year for us and I'm looking forward to another one with even better success!

And big thanks to all kat_tun5 community members for supporting us through the last year! I hope you've enjoying your stay along this past year, and also hope you'll enjoy it even more from now on!

A very very special thanks to lovely
[info]shiharipanda for making us the anniversary banner above! It's simple perfection!! and I'm sure everyone agrees ^^

And another special thanks to[info]kamesoul for the new layout ^o^

***Please go through our new rules in order to make a full understanding of our new concept and in order to keep this community clean and well-organized!

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